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Best Amazon Product Research Tools & Scouting For FBA

We did some research on the best dropshipping product research tools and the best AliExpress product research tools a while back.

This process made us realize how useful these tools can be for online sellers, and we were eager to provide an Amazon equivalent for our readers.

Choosing the best software to assist with Amazon FBA product sourcing is critical to success. There are numerous tools available, and we hope that this list assists you in making the best choice. Check out this list of the top twelve Amazon sourcing and research tools for product sourcing and research along with amazing savings such as Jungle Scout Coupons. 

Best Amazon Scouting Tools 

Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides a comprehensive solution for Amazon sellers. It begins with three alternatives: a service for new sellers, an established seller service, and a service for brands and agencies.

For new sellers, it provides the Opportunity Finder tool, which identifies keywords with low competition and strong demand. 

The product tracker will provide you with information regarding seasonal and year-round sales for each product, as well as comprehensive filters such as historical sales, best seller rank, reviews, ratings, and opportunity scores, among others. In addition, the Academy function provides a variety of courses and how-to manuals.

It offers an Extension tool for existing merchants, which improves product rankings by acquiring additional reviews for each item. 

You can also seek reviews directly through the platform Jungle Scout. 

The Inventory Manager enables you to efficiently organize your products by predicting market trends for each one based on data. In addition, its AI recommends stock levels, reorder dates, and reorder quantities. In addition, Jungle Scout offers real-time profit analytics and brand extension capabilities to help you locate new products that match your brand.

Lastly, the instrument provides services for businesses and agencies that target major brands. It consists of market share analysis, enhanced product performance, competition tracking, as well as insights, and notifications.


Perhaps you’ve only considered AMZ Trackers as a keyword research tool. And it’s true, they’re one of the most well-known names in the industry for this. 

But when it comes to product research, this instrument can accomplish so much. Through a unique method, the creators have designed their app to both offensively and defensively master Amazon’s A9 search algorithm.

Conduct primary keyword research to see which products are frequently searched for (and which terms are tops).

Cross-reference products using conversion data to identify sales bottlenecks.

Confirm product excellence using longtail keyword research, bad review alerts, competitive analysis, and other methods.

Helium 10

Helium 10 xray product research

Sellers will welcome the fact that Helium 10 includes some functions that aren’t often included with product research tools.

For example, Helium 10 has a feature called Cerebro (reverse ASIN tool). Users can use this to examine various ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) to determine how specific keywords are performing.

Sellers that use Helium 10 will also have access to a refund finder and manager who can assist them in recouping money. You should also be able to keep a better eye on your inventory if you use Helium 10’s suite of tools.

All of the tools and functionality need to be sold on Amazon.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is simple to use, and you can start researching new product ideas right now.

Viral Launch is especially useful if you sell your products through Amazon’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click) program. The Kinetic tool on the site allows you to adjust certain criteria to get the most out of your product advertisements. The application also provides you with access to essential data that can be utilized to make informed decisions about the aforementioned adverts.

Aside from the automation-focused solutions, Viral Launch includes the capabilities you’d expect from any respected all-in-one, such as a keyword research tool and competitor analysis software.


It can be difficult to build interest in what you’ve brought to market if multiple major brands and manufacturers already offer the goods you’re attempting to sell.

That’s why many Amazon merchants choose to target niche markets, and that’s where AmazeOwl comes in. Dell, Disney, Casio, and other companies have chosen it.

AmazeOwl specializes in assisting retailers in identifying important trends. Once you’ve identified a niche that’s gaining a lot of traction, you can utilize the platform’s capabilities to determine if it’s worth pursuing. It also helps you by informing you of which other sellers are looking into a particular sector.

You also get access to Google trend data analytics, information on FBA charges and costs, product sales estimates, the quality of listed products, and more with AMZScout.


The finest Amazon FBA product research tool will not guarantee that you will make a fortune as an Amazon FBA seller, but it will start you on the right track. Take the time to choose the best one for your company so you can begin functioning more efficiently and successfully.

Pamela Jessie
Pamela Jessie
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