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Best Alternatives p2p4u Websites To Watch Free Streaming Sports!

Every sports lover always wants the best website to watch sports.  No matter You are watching on television or in the stadium, but we don’t want to compromise while watching. Many time we enjoy sports with our family and friends, which create a feeling of togetherness, spirit, and sense of concern.

In this modern era, where modern technology is available by which we can watch our favorite sports without any disturbance. Sometimes we don’t have time to watch sports in the stadium and try to find a website where we can enjoy our favorite matches.

P2p4u is one of the best websites among multiple sites where you can get the streaming of your favorite sports. P2p4u makes your experience more worthy by providing online sports streaming. You can watch football, cricket, tennis, and many more sports.

In this article, we will discuss some alternative p2p4u sports streaming websites. But here the question is that if p2p4u is the best one, then why need alternatives.

Yes! No doubt, p2p4u is the best sports streaming site but sometimes shows problems while watching. Sports lovers do not bear any kind of issue, no matter what! Therefore for the convenience of the people, we are writing about the best alternatives p2p4u sites for sports.

All these are also providing games of all around the world, and you can watch at any device like iPhone, tablets, laptops, Android, etc. All these have The best HD quality streaming free of cost.


Stream2watch.org is one of the best and largest streaming websites to watch sports. It is best for all sports lovers where you can watch any sport all around the world. It offers updated and best links of different games  Google chrome is highly recommended to use this site as well as adobe flash player to enjoy the best experience.


Let’s talk about another best pick where you can enjoy free sports. Sport-stream.me is a user-friendly website and stands among other competitors.  The site offers games on the list, such as football, baseball, handball, hockey, volleyball, motorcycle, rugby, tennis, and many more. The site updated regularly so you can watch all the latest sports and also live games all over the globe.


You will never skip the name of ESPN if you really a sports lover.  The frame layout of the website is amazing and sports enthusiasts.  All the free sports are offered by ESPN, which provides competition among other websites.  It is compatible with Android and iPhone, where you can also watch full summary and match results from the new section. In this way, you always keep in touch with all the sports news.


Streamwoop.net is a natural and straightforward solution for sports enthusiasts and the best alternative p2p4u site to watch sports.

Here you can enjoy the Live matches with family and friends.

Moreover, you can get all details of any match and dates of the match before a day. Mostly, the website focuses on these sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, and many more.  Go to the search bar and find your favorite sport.

Fox sports

You all will be familiar with this big sports website with daily 20 million visitors. It is well designed and user-friendly website where you enjoy online and offline streaming. The site has a separate section of scores where you can watch the score of any event. Here you can get information regarding Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Football and many other sports.

Laola 1.TV

Do you want to enjoy live matches for free? It offers a wide collection of sports such as ice hockey, table tennis, football, and many more. It is a well-established website where you get frequent updates. You get a better experience, and if you want to get the details of any specific event, then just go to search bar and find the sport. Moreover, the details are available for all the upcoming and ongoing sports. Sit back with family, and enjoy your valuable time.


here is a similar site to p2p4u to watch sports online where you can also read articles related to events.  It contains very good stuff and a user-friendly site to watch the events on the homepage. Viewers can discover streaming sports whatever they want to see. There is a wide list of sports such as football, handball, baseball, tennis, rugby, and many more. The one drawback of the website is that some ads appear while watching.


Sportslemon is a great website and included in our list of best alternatives p2p4u websites for sports streaming.  It is an amazing and reliable one to enjoy the games. With the help of this site, you can get favorite sports without spending a penny.  It is user friendly where many links are available of one game, and you never miss a game due to transmission problems.


Fubo.tv is the best choice for sports streaming and similar to p2p4u. Here you can watch all the games such as NBA, Champions League, BHL and many more. This website is providing the best services In the United States and Canada. One drawback of the site is that it is not a free site but a seven day trial period available.

NFL WebCast

Did you ever try the NFL website? If no, then you must try this when which is the popular and best live streaming website. It provides services 24/7 hr with great quality streaming. Moreover, you can also enjoy the other channel sports here like CBS, ESPN, NFL, Network, Sports, Fox Sky, and many more.


A fabulous one website for sports streaming, just like p2p4u. There are all types of sports available such as Boxing, Baseball, Poker, Volleyball, Basketball, soccer, etc. You can’t imagine how smoothly this site works with HD quality streaming. Moreover, you can also get love sports with outstanding quality. Sometimes ads appear on the site but not irritate far so long.

VIP League

VIP League is an amazing and different sports streaming website that offers seven different languages worldwide. Moreover, online sports streaming is available free of cost. There are multiple categories available such as football, baseball, cricket, basketball, and many more. In addition, you can get the latest details of the events.


It is a highly recommended website to watch live sports streaming. It provides you details os all future and ongoing matches. On the right corner of the site, you can see the schedule of matches. LiIVetv. Sx is a free website, but you need to register yourself for watching sports.


WiZiWig is a free and the best free sport streaming website where you can enjoy all the sports such as football, badminton, volleyball, hockey, tennis, and many more. Moreover, you can set the time according to your location. The site also evaluates internet speed, and you can watch the match in High quality. it is easy to use and attractive interface, and you really enjoy the match here.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a famous sports streaming website that allows users to watch live sports free of cost. It provides coverage of 24 hours of sports news. Moreover, you can see the live highlights and videos at free of cost. CBS sports site has a cool interface and easy to navigate.

It offers all the popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc. Besides you can enjoy the Olympics, NFL and other sports of the globe. The site also has an app version for android and iOS devices.


it is not so popular sports streaming website, but we are providing every choice. You are able to watch all the major sports here and also can enjoy live streaming. On this site, you can watch other channels of sports.

Moreover, while using this site, you can chat with other people so you can bet on any game. The major drawback is that ads appear in it, and design is not so good.


Livepsport24 is a new site where all the sports are available such as football, basketball volleyball and many more. The site does not have anything regarding the cricket. So it is not best for cricket lovers.

Live sport 24 has the best interface and free to use. For watching the sports no need to register yourself. The major drawback of the site is that many annoying ads disturb while watching.


If you are looking for a perfect alternative p2p4u sports streaming website, then SonyLIv could be the best option for you. The high-quality content is available here free of cost. It has an extensive library and well-designed interface which supports seamless navigation.  On this, high-quality graphics are available for live sports videos.


Well, all the above-mentioned websites are the best alternative for p2p4u websites to watch sports online. These sites give you services when you have no time to sit in front of the tv.  By using these websites, you can enjoy your favorite sport at any time anywhere.

These sports streaming websites offer a vast range of sports with the latest updates. Moreover, some of the sites also feature free articles related to sports.  Just pick your best streaming website and enjoy the free time by watching the sports.

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Abu Bakar
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