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BCCI Can Wait Until The End Of April To Start Of IPL 2020: Report

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the nation to a virtual standstill, and the fate of the 13th version of the Indian Premier League may also be suspended, as public welfare is the priority. However, in what appears to be a huge increase for sports enthusiasts, the Cricket Management Council of India (BCCI) believes that it will nevertheless be able to withdraw the league if the problems are under management by the end of April and the main sport is practiced during the first week of May.

In a conversation with IANS, a BCCI official said that while it is currently very difficult to predict the fate of the IPL, the board of directors can nonetheless lead the league based on the sample that has was adopted when the event was released in South Africa. However, for this, the main match must be made before the first week of Might.

“The most recent that we can expect is until the beginning of April. If the main sport is not played before the first week of May, it will probably be almost unimaginable to have the league for 12 months. Even when we now have to attend until the end of April to follow all the procedures, we are able to draw inspiration from the South African version and lead the league effectively. In case you remember, it was the shortest IPL with 59 video games played over 37 days and we are able to do the same. However, safe measures must be taken, “said the official.

Asked what he meant by measures, the official said that logistics could be a difficulty and therefore care must be taken to ensure that the event takes place in a state like Maharashtra as it has 4 world stadiums available.

“You cannot travel across the country in such a situation. If we get the required permits, we should continue with a place like Maharashtra where we now have three stadiums in Mumbai and one stadium in Pune. I’m sure it can then help us to be sure that the groups are not only playing at the contemporary ticket offices, but in addition, the trip can be minimal. But sooner than that, the federal government should consider it adequate to organize tournaments. The safety of the public and participants is the priority because the president of the BCCI has repeated it many times, “said the official.

The Department of Sport has made it clear that the fate of the 13th version of the IPL could only be determined after the federal government publishes a contemporary notice after April 15, keeping in mind the state of play at subject of the coronavirus epidemic. .

The Minister of Sports Activities, Kiren Rijiju, reiterated that if it is the BCCI that decides cricket problems, the pandemic is something that has a direct impact on the loves of the inhabitants of the nation.

“After April 15, the federal government will provide you with new advice and tips depending on the situation. BCCI is a physique that appears after cricket which is not an Olympic sport. But here it is not the only question of the sporting occasion but a question of safety of the residents. On one occasion, there will be thousands of spectators. It is therefore not only for the sports activities of our bodies or sportsmen, it is for each citizen of the nation, “he said.

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Abu Bakar
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