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Android TV vs Smart TV: Difference between a smart TV and Android TV

The argument between Android TV and Smart TV has been taking place for the past few years. For some, the uncomplicatedness of Smart TV overshadows the capabilities of Android TV and for a few, Android TV serves as the manner to eat online content material on a bigger display screen. However, there are some similarities as well as variations amongst them. The comprehensive difference between smart and android TV. Some of the predominant variations between Android TV vs Smart TV are given under: 


First of all, a smart Television is a TV set that can deliver content material over the net. So any TV that is supplying the offerings of online content regardless of what working device it runs is called a smart TV. In that feel, Android TV can also be referred to as a smart TV, but the most important distinction amongst them is that Android TV is greater superior in functioning and packages. 

Huge series of applications

Android TV and Smart TV

Starting with the App Library, Android TV offers a large library of different packages linking with the Play Store assist. Anyone can find all forms of apps that people generally use on a smartphone. From YouTube to Netflix and Prime Video, the entirety is available on Android TV. All of the applications are optimized for the TV platform and feature instinctive controls for the larger screen. 

Smart TVs have a restrained app guide. They support some famous leisure programs like YouTube, Prime Video, and Netflix. However, it is not possible to locate many apps in its app store. In addition, updates are difficult to come back on clever TVs as compared to Android TVs. Conversely, Android TV increase is pretty active and creators regularly push new updates to a selection of apps.


Another leader distinction between Android TV & smart TV is screencasting. All the Android TVs possess integrated and deeply assimilated Chromecast capabilities that work perfectly with Android smartphones. On the alternative hand, clever TVs comprise display mirroring that needs pairing and is worrying to apply and prominently reduces excellent output.

Voice help

The subsequent distinction is voice assistant help. On Android TV there is a support of Google Assistant so hardly ever a want to type out specific queries. Instead, clever TVs typically don’t have a voice assistant, and that they have a considerable keypad to type and locate the required content material.


The advantage of smart TVs is that they may be fairly less difficult to navigate and use as compared to Android TVs. Users ought to have a whole focus on the Android atmosphere to absolutely take advantage of the Android TV platform. 

Android TV vs Smart TV

Android TV has carved a call within the marketplace because of its massive popularity and has nearly ended up equal to clever TVs. Generally speaking, Android TV is a class of smart TV that runs on the Android TV platform. Whereas Samsung and LG have their distinct OS, it nevertheless ships many TVs with Android OS. On the other hand, Sony is committed to the Android TV platform. In conclusion, it received’t be incorrect to mention that Android TV vs Smart TV are normally identical matters seeing that both offer content over the internet. It’s all about the underlying OS that makes all the difference.

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