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An Interview with a Sports Betting Expert from Germany

Hello, my name is Abubakar, and today I have the privilege of interviewing Achim, a sports betting expert and tipster from SchweizerSportwetten.com, who has eight years of experience to his name. As we all know, European soccer is increasing in popularity across the States, so I jumped at the opportunity to chat with Achim. He is an expert in the field, especially in big competitions such as the Bundesliga and the English Premier League. I got to pick his brains as to why he thinks more Americans are tuning into different soccer leagues across the pond.

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AB: You are obviously a very sporty person, so how did your love for sports begin?

AC: Absolutely, my journey into the world of sports started when I joined a local football club in Germany at the age of six. Those early years on the field ignited a passion that stayed with me. I practically lived and breathed football in my childhood, spending most of my free time kicking the ball around with friends.

AB: You help people with their football bets, but do you do any football betting yourself?

AC: Yes, I do engage in Bundesliga betting, but it’s more of a casual hobby for me. I don’t approach it with financial goals; instead, it’s all about the entertainment value. I keep my stakes low and view it as a way to add an extra layer of excitement to the games. Interestingly, I’m connected with some professional bettors from the United States who’ve been making a living out of it for years. Learning from their insights has been eye-opening, and it does make me occasionally ponder the idea of diving deeper into betting. However, at the end of the day, I’ve chosen a slightly different career path.

AB: Who is your favorite team, and why?

AC: Back in the days within our family, we were Bundesliga enthusiasts, and it was a bit of a rivalry at home—my sister supporting Bayern Munich, while I proudly stood by Borussia Dortmund. The yellow color of the tricot had already captured my heart, and I was equally impressed by the performance of the legendary coach Ottmar Hitzfeld. One standout memory was when Borussia Dortmund clinched the Champions League title in 1997 against Juventus Turin. I was just eight years old at the time, but that moment left an indelible mark on me.

AB: Now, you obviously know a lot about German and European soccer, but what type of knowledge do you have about football in America and regional Major League Soccer?

AC: My expertise primarily lies in German and European soccer – that´s correct, but I make a conscious effort to stay well-informed about the MLS. The league has seen a significant boost in global attention, especially with the game-changing engagement of Lionel Messi. Suddenly, all eyes were on the MLS, and as part of my job as an expert, it became necessary to dive deep and gain specialized knowledge to provide comprehensive insights into this evolving football landscape. So, I’ve been closely following the MLS lately, from player dynamics to strategic developments, to ensure a well-rounded perspective in my analyses.

AB: What type of impact do you think Lionel Messi’s move to the MLS has had?

AC: Great question! From my point of view, Messi’s move is more than a transfer; it’s a catalytic event that transforms the MLS into a global football destination, and the echoes of this impact will resonate for years to come. First and foremost, it elevates the league’s overall profile on the world stage. Messi’s presence attracts not only seasoned football fans but also a broader audience curious to witness his magic. Off the pitch, commercially, it’s a game-changer. The marketability of the league receives an enormous boost, attracting sponsors, media attention, and a new wave of fans eager to witness Messi’s exploits in a different footballing landscape.

AB: European soccer is growing in popularity across the US, but the MLS is not that popular in Europe, I hear. What do you think the MLS can do to increase its popularity outside of the States?

AC: In essence, it’s about creating more avenues for exposure, enhancing the overall quality of play, and strategically positioning the league to capture the imagination of football enthusiasts worldwide. To boost its global appeal, the league should focus on international collaborations with European clubs, invest in effective marketing, continue with strategic player acquisitions, and foster partnerships with European leagues.

AB: Interesting, so what do you think are the main reasons for the growth in popularity of European soccer in the United States?

AC: Honestly, it´s a bit challenging to answer this question living outside of the United States, but based on what I’ve heard from American friends, global social media engagement, the presence of top European players in the MLS, and major international tournaments contribute to the surge in European soccer’s popularity in the United States.

AB: What are the parallels and differences between European and American soccer, and do you think that the game in our country will ever reach the same quality that is on display in the Premier League and Bundesliga?

AC: Both European and American soccer share a passion for the game, but there are huge differences. European soccer is deeply rooted in history, with a focus on promotion and relegation, creating intense competition. American soccer, especially the MLS, has embraced a franchise model, adding a unique flavor. In terms of quality, the Premier League and Bundesliga set high standards globally. While the MLS has made significant strides, reaching the same level will take time. It requires continued investment in youth development, strategic player acquisitions, and elevating the overall infrastructure. The potential is there, but it´s a long way to go.

AB: I’m going slightly off-kilter here, but I am interested to find out your opinions on the Saudi Arabia league.

AC: The sports investments by Saudi Arabia are substantial, extending beyond football. While there may be political motivations behind these significant investments, I personally view them with a degree of skepticism. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that the Saudi league is steadily gaining strength. Let’s face it, a considerable number of top players are drawn to financial incentives. Ronaldo, Benzema, and Neymar have made the start, and it’s foreseeable that more players will follow in the near future. With such high-profile players, the league is destined to attract increasing global attention.

AB: I am actually one of those Americans that enjoys betting on European football, and I have read your Bundesliga predictions in the past. I am impressed with your success rate, so tell us your secret.  How do you continuously improve your football knowledge?

AC: Thanks for the appreciation! My approach involves diving deep into research, especially delving into statistics. Being a seasoned poker pro, my skills in analyzing data and drawing logical conclusions play a significant role. Beyond the analytical aspect, my passion for the game fuels the process, and the ability to maintain a dry, objective perspective adds an extra layer to my approach. Constantly evolving is also crucial for me, and I achieve this primarily through self-reflection and self-critique. Engaging in discussions within my experts’ network is another key element of this ongoing process.

AB: Does it annoy you when one of your predictions is incorrect?

AC: No, not at all. As a seasoned poker player, I’ve learned not to be result-oriented, especially when luck and randomness are involved. My focus is on ensuring that the analysis is well done and the conclusions make sense. With an emphasis on quality, I understand that positive results follow in the long term. So, wrong predictions don´t annoy me; it’s simply a part of the game. Also, it´s within the nature of betting on soccer, that even the most skilled bettor can’t be correct all the time and I´m very aware of that.

AB: Outside the sports betting world, what are some other hobbies that you like to take part in?

AC: Travel is my biggest passion, next to sports. While I enjoy my exotic life in Bali right now, I visit many other countries to learn about cultural differences and see how people from different backgrounds approach life. For the year 2024, I have planned trips to Japan and Taiwan, and I can’t wait for those experiences. Additionally, I’m interested in spirituality, entrepreneurship, and the arts, and I find relaxation in spa sessions.

AB: My final question to you is, do you have any betting advice for novice sports bettors?

AC: I could easily write a whole book about this topic, but in short, my advice is to start small and stay disciplined. Focus on sports you’re passionate about, understand the basics of betting, and never chase losses. It’s a learning process, so take the time to educate yourself, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. And remember, even the best in the game had to start somewhere.

AB: Some top tips are right there. I could pick your brains for hours, but I won’t keep you. Thanks for talking to me; it has been an absolute pleasure.

AC: The pleasure is mine, Abu! Anytime you want to dive into more sports talk or betting insights, I’m here. Take care and happy betting! So, there we have it. What an interesting interview that was It is not every day that we get to pick the brains of one of the top football predictors in Europe. Hopefully, we get another chance in the future to catch up with him.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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