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Alleged Killing of a Woman by an Ex-Alabama Basketball Player!

Darius Miles, a former basketball player at the University of Alabama, is saying that he is not the person who shot and killed Jamea Jonae Harris, a mother of 23 years, despite the fact that he has been identified as the person who was responsible for the shooting death of Harris.

According to the records filed in the case, Miles informed the investigators that he provided the pistol that was used in the killing, but that he was not the one who fatally shot her near the university in Tuscaloosa. This information was provided to the investigators by the court. Michael Lynn Davis, 20, was the second suspect who was taken into custody after the shooting, and he and Miles, 21, were both charged with first-degree murder. According to the information provided by the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit, both of the suspects had their first court appearance on Monday, and both of them are still being detained without bail.

It was reported by witnesses who were present at the crime scene on the evening of the shooting that Davis obtained the firearm from Miles. There is also footage taken from a security camera that shows the incident. CNN says that Tuscaloosa Police Department Captain Jack Kennedy has refused to talk about where Miles got the gun.

Alleged Killing of a Woman by an Ex-Alabama Basketball Player

The allegations were made by Harris’ mother, DeCarla Cotton, on social media earlier this week. Cotton said that she knows the reason her daughter was slain and claimed that she did not want to speak to the guy who approached her.

CNN reports that the incident took place early on Sunday morning when Harris was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, visiting her boyfriend. They decided to grab something to eat on “The Strip,” which is a collection of restaurants and retailers located close to the school. While they were there, Harris was approached by a guy who began to flirt with her. Harris turned down the advances made to him.

Harris and her boyfriend were attempting to depart when a guy approached their car, opened fire inside, and ultimately took Harris’ life. Her partner survived the incident. In an act of self-defense, her partner opened fire in the direction of the intruders, wounding one of them.

Harris was separated from her son Kaine, who was five years old at the time. Cotton has established a GoFundMe account in order to get financial support to aid her in taking care of her grandchild.

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