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A Beginner Guide for Terraria Game Players

There are plenty of wonderful games likes Terraria, Minecraft, Hearthstone, etc. In this particular guide we will talk about Terraria. Terraria is a game without restrictions and no specific instructions. You can go anywhere at any time and hence, it can be confusing for a new player. So, we have compiled a walkthrough for you which is recommended by not only us but by many pro players.

Choosing Map Size

As you start the game, you have to decide the map size. We advise you to opt for the small map size. The entire process of understanding and looking at every corner of small maps can also be time consuming as they aren’t really that small.

The Guide

As the player steps in his new world, he comes across the guide. He is the first NPC of the town and will provide all the tips that the players needs to play. In addition to this, he gives crafting recipes of all items.

Building a House

During your first day in Terraria, find materials to build your Terraria house. Houses are important to keep your NPC and you safe from the monsters at night. If you are short on time, simple dig a hole in the ground and stay there for the night. Although, it would be better if you cut some trees with an axe and build yourself a shack for the night.

Things to Collect

Once a player has made an accommodation for himself, he can wander around, exploring and collecting things.

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Below is a list of things to collect:

• Ores
• Mushrooms
• Plants
• Pots
• Chests
• Heart Crystal
• Fallen Star
• Life Crystals
• Heart Lantern

Zombie Attacks

It is advisable for all players to stay inside their houses during night time to avoid zombie attacks especially until they are strong enough to fight them. Making a bow and some arrows during your initial game is advisable. This will help players a lot in fighting the zombies.

In case a player is unable to find a shelter to spend the night in, a wise decision would be to build a box around himself. The box will act as a shield which will not allow zombies to attack him. However, the player can attack the zombies from inside the box.

Defeating zombies will give players useful rewards which include starter gear and money. Unfortunately, if the player loses against the zombies and his heart count decreases, he will die. Every time a player dies and comes back, he loses half his money. Moreover, he drops his entire inventory in medium core.

If the player dies in hardcore, he becomes a ghost as his character is deleted. Continuously eat food and take potions to keep the player alive!

The Bosses

No matter how long you hide in your houses, the bosses will find you. Be prepared to fight them and move ahead in the game. Bosses give lots of rewards.

Following are the various biomes in Terraria. Players can go to all these biomes and let his imagine run wild. He can build anywhere anything!

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• Forest
• The Corruption/ Crimson
• Deserts
• Snow
• Jungle
• The dungeon
• Ocean


Now that you have collected items in your inventory and built houses for the guide, merchant, nurse and yourself, begin with building a base. A base is that one place where all your NPCs will live and do their chores. All your necessities will also be in this base. Make a campfire and grow some sunflowers in your base. Additionally, a craft room will also be an essential in your base.

Overall, a bases can be as lavish as the player wants. He can take a day or weeks to build his base as at the end of the day the game is all his. Terraria is a multiplayer game that knows no boundaries. You are free to do whatever you want however you want. Just be prepared for a lengthy journey full of adventures and fun!

Have you started playing the game? How much do you love it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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