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5+ Part Time Online Jobs For Students – Earn 1000$ daily

If you are a visitor to this post then you might be a student because this post will tell you Part-Time Online Jobs For Students.

We all know that most of the students of this period are facing problems with the money because their parents don’t give them money to fulfill their all monthly needs.

After reading this article and following the work properly that has been given in this article you will never face a problem to fulfill your monthly needs, and you will also be able to help your family.

Well, The methods I am telling you in this article are 100℅ genuine and I have already earned more than 20,000$ in the last two years with this method.

In this article, I will share 5 Part-Time Online Jobs For Students if you will work properly on those platforms that I will tell you in this article then you will be able to earn more than 1000$ monthly.

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5+ Part-Time Online Jobs For Students –

Tight your seat belt and get ready to know part-time online jobs, just focus on your target and I’m sure that you will achieve it with the help of our site.

1. Start A Blog – 

If you want to do a part-time job then this option might be best for you because by this method you can easily earn more than 10,000$ monthly.

I am also doing a part-time job in blogging for many years and earning a lot of money.

But if you want to succeed in blogging then you should know the best way to start a blog and more details about blogging..

In the field of blogging, you have to write articles on your blog according to your interest, you can write articles on – tech, entertainment, movie reviews, and etc.

Well, there are a lot of things in blogging that we can’t discuss here in a single article.

How To Earn Money From Blogging –

  1. Create a blog ( It hardly takes 15 minutes )
  2. Publish articles on a daily basis according to your interest or your niche.
  3. Apply for Adsense.
  4. Once you get the approval of Adsense your earnings will be started.
  5. Publish articles on a daily basis so you can get traffic and you can earn money properly.

If you are thinking that blogging is hard then you are wrong, you just need to work hard with your mind.

Many housewives, students, and more people are earning money with blogging without difficulties.

If you are thinking that you will make grammar mistakes then don’t worry you will not make any mistakes. Read this article.

2. Create A YouTube Channel –

Well, if you don’t like blogging and want to earn money like blogging then this option might be best for you because here you have to create videos according to your interest and publish it on your channel.

If you are thinking that it will affect your studies then you are totally wrong because it usually takes 1-2 hours to shoot, edit and publish it on YouTube.

On YouTube, you have to create videos and publish them on YouTube according to your interests like – Tech, Cooking, Vlogs, Music, and etc.

How To Earn Money From YouTube –

  1. Create a YouTube channel ( it hardly takes 10 minutes )
  2. Publish videos on a daily basis according to your niche.
  3. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program when you complete 4000 hours watch time and reach 1K subscriber.
  4. You will be paid according to your views on YouTube.

It’s very easy to earn money from YouTube because you just need to get a lot of views on your video.

3. Affiliate Jobs –

If you have a lot of friends on WhatsApp or you have joined lots of groups in WhatsApp and if you are a successful blogger and YouTuber then this job is for you.

This is a type of job in which you have to share any products from any company like amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and etc with your friends or families by joining the affiliate program of any app.

Check out the best affiliates programs 

If you share any products to your friends and families and anyone buys that product from your affiliate links then you will get a fixed commission.

This is one of the easiest jobs in my view, and I have earned a lot from this job, only I join thousands of groups and share my product with groups.

How To Earn Money From Affiliate Jobs –

  1. Join one of the affiliate networks that suits you.
  2. Share the products to your WhatsApp contacts, 

WhatsApp groups, FB groups, and to your blog.

  1. When someone will buy that product from your affiliate link then you will be paid.
  2. If your blog has high traffic then this will be best for you because you can easily earn 10,000 INR daily.

4. Sell Photos And Earn Money –

You might be loving to edit the photos or make different types of photos using different types of tools.

But you might not knowing that you can earn money by selling your created or edited photos.

If you love to edit photos or you are an expert in editing the photos then this job is especially for you because you can earn more than 200$ for selling one photo.

There are a lot of platforms like – Shutterstock, Pixaby, and etc. where you can submit your image and get paid for each download.

How To Earn Money By Selling Photos –

  1. First signup on any platform that pays you money for photos.
  2. Create photos for any niche that you like.
  3. Submit photos by selecting the niche of the photo.
  4. If anyone will search keywords related to your photos from google and download it then you will be paid.

I hope that this job might be easier and high paying for you.

5. Survey Jobs –

This is one of the easiest jobs in this part-time job list because here you can earn money by filling out surveys.

In this job you can easily earn sufficient money to fulfill your monthly basic needs.

There are lots of survey websites on the Internet that pays you a lot for giving surveys, you can check them out by searching on google.

How To Earn Money By Surveys –

  1. First of all research for the highest paying survey websites.
  2. Then sign up on that website
  3. Fill out surveys on a daily basis.
  4. Withdraw the money when you reach the threshold of that app.

I hope that you will choose any part-time job and start making money on it.

So this was the 5+ Part-time Online Jobs For Students, hope that this post might be helpful for you.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
Abubakar is a writer and digital marketing expert. Who has founded multiple blogs and successful businesses in the fields of digital marketing, software development. A full-service digital media agency that partners with clients to boost their business outcomes.


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