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What Is Breast Augmentation and Why Get It in Sydney?

Sydney, Australia is famous for many things – the glittering harbour, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and many more. Because of these amazing sights, it is no wonder that many tourists go here for vacation. 

Another reason to visit Sydney is for clinics that cater to your beauty-related needs. Suppose you are looking into getting different procedures and treatments to improve your bosoms’ appearance and searching for “breast augmentation in Sydney” on Google. In that case, you will get loads of articles and reviews stating you can expect nothing but the best. It is one of the most performed surgeries in Sydney. And with the aid of an experienced professional, the procedure going wrong will not be one of your worries.

What You Need to Know

People get breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty due to many reasons. It could be because of their naturally small breast size, weight changes, aging, sagging due to pregnancy, or even because of congenital conditions that cause some deformity in the breast. Whatever your reason is, you should know that this procedure will balance the breast’s shape and size that would match your body.

How It Works

Once you go to the clinic of your choice after the searching part, they will assess what needs to be done. They will ask a lot of questions like the breast size you want to achieve. However, they would still suggest what they think is the best size for you. You do not want something too big that would eventually make you uncomfortable.

  • Incision Locations

There are three choices regarding where you want to get the incision. First is the inframammary or under the breasts, next is the transaxillary or in the armpit, and lastly, periareolar or around the nipple area. The inframammary and the transaxillary are the most common incisions. You can ask the surgeon what is more recommended, but it would also depend on the size of the implant that has to be inserted into your breast area.

  • Recovery

Know that after the procedure, you cannot drive yourself home. You should pre-arrange for someone to take you home and help you around. You will feel some pain, and it would depend on how high your tolerance is. Painkillers will be issued to you, and you will have to take it based on the doctor’s recommendations. You also cannot take part in strenuous activities after the procedure.

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After the breast augmentation, expect some swelling and the stitches from the procedure to be visible. The stitches will fade over time if the sutures are dissolvable. The sutures will be gone at most after six weeks. If the sutures used do not dissolve or there are drainage tubes, you have to have a follow-up appointment for their removal.

As for the swelling, it will most probably be gone within two weeks. When the swelling goes down, you can assess if you are happy with the job or not.

If you have a fever, redness in the area of surgery, have chest pain, unusual heartbeats, suffer from shortness of breath, you should contact your doctor. You might be suffering from an infection. 

Why Get It in Sydney?

Being one of the most popular medical procedures in the city, breast augmentation in Sydney has a relatively high satisfaction rate. Many of the surgeons who work in Sydney regarding this procedure are well-trained. They are adept with the changes and developments concerning this type of enhancement.

Getting this procedure done is not something you should decide on lightly. You should think about it well because it can change your life. You should also do your research before getting it done. Also, look for the most-recommended surgeons in your area and decide from there.

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Abu Bakar
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