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Two from Nature for a Healthy Mind and Body

People in Australia have a greater acceptance of organic medicines than synthetic chemicals. Australia is the only place in the world that has accepted Ayurveda as the bonafide system of medicine. Many organic alternatives, like Meriva curcumin, Ashwagandha, Biotin, and Pro biotin, have shown appreciable results in people. 

This article will illuminate two main Ayurvedic must-haves that can bring a tremendous difference in the mind and body.

Mervin Curumin 

Meriva is a natural chemical with a lot of healing properties. It is a potent antioxidant and NRF2 activator that helps to make the inflammatory responses of the body. It can also help with joint pains and the overall wellness of a person. For improved results, it is mixed with other ingredients, like Lecithin, which is like the natural cell barrier and acts as a catalyst to the curcumin.

How is it different from the usual Curumin?

Curcumin is a term given to a group comprising three curcuminoids, identified for the spice turmeric. Meriva curcumin is a clinically proven product that has the upper hand among other unformulated curcuminoid mixtures. Although the usual Curumin is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by the body, Meriva has set a standard in medicine.


  1. Meriva curcumin can increase the mobility and performance of a person. It has about 29x better absorption capacity than curcumin. The WOMAC index has a suggested increase in performance by 201% within two months.
  2. One gram of Meriva curcumin twice a day can reduce muscles’ soreness caused by post-exercise and muscle damage.
  3. Meriva acts as a perfect painkiller for pains that are both acute and chronic. It includes headaches, dental problems, knee or shoulder pain, and many more.
  4. They can enhance blood circulation in the body. It also can reduce swelling of the foot because of the disturbances caused by glucose. They also play a significant role in the improved blood flow to the eyes and decrease retinal swelling. 
  5. Mervin powder can reduce joint pains, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness. They can reduce urinary problems and improve sexual activity.
  6. They also act as a stimulant to fix moods and anxiety issues.


 We also know it as ‘Withania Somniferia’ or winter cherry. It has a list of health benefits in Ayurveda.


  1. It is the best ingredient to reduce anxiety and stress, and it is also clinically proven to reduce the symptoms by 69% in Australia.
  2. Its anti-arthritic effects can reduce pain and increase the mobility of a person.
  3. It has shown some excellent results in a diabetic person, as it can reduce blood sugar levels.
  4. They also mean it gives energy and stability to a person and increases their clarity in mental health and memory.


These are two essential natural extracts that can do wonders to the body and mind of a person. We can take it as a supplement for everybody to have a healthy body. There are also many other natural products like biotin, Brahmi, bacopa, calamus, etc. 

 One of the most significant advantages of Ayurvedic products is that there aren’t many side effects to it. These products are readily available in stories of Australia, making them easier to acquire.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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