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The 10 Best Youth Football Helmets 2022

Any player who participates in football should also wear protective gear during the game to safeguard his body against the possibility of sustaining unintended head trauma and a concussion. More is required for adolescents because their bodies are likely to be more susceptible. The most essential piece of equipment for younger participants in a game is the helmet, which serves the primary purpose of shielding the head and face from injury.

The purpose of this article is to provide reassurance to parents whose children participate in youth football at a young age by reviewing the top ten juvenile football helmets now available on the market.

Let’s take a look at the most popular products on Amazon, including football helmets, to determine which one is the most effective for young football players. There will be ten juvenile football helmets available for your perusal below.

Speedflex Youth Helmet (best overall)

Football helmets like the Riddell Youth SpeedFlex are built specifically with the requirements of younger athletes in mind. Because of its design elements, as well as its durability and attributes, it has the best impact absorption and overall performance. One of the highlights is a dashboard design that is bendable and helps to lessen impact forces. It also gives the impression that the player is moving quickly, regardless of whether or not they actually are. The Ratchet-Loc system is an example of brilliant engineering.

When it comes to the level of comfort they provide, Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmets are unmatched. In addition, it features a brand-new occipital airliner that, by assisting in the nourishment of the occipital lobe, ensures a flawless fit. There are five different points of inflation, as well as a lock valve, which work together to keep the aircraft valve in close proximity to the standoff shell. This makes it much simpler to press the lining, which is a feature that can be particularly vexing in the case of racing helmets.


Having a face guard

Best overall

Made of abs plastic

Come to 10+ colors and four sizes to choose from

Built-in heat exchange technology

Quick-release facemask system

TPU padding


Off-sizing for some people

Bottom line

Riddell Youth SpeedFlex Football helmets are a must-have if we want to be serious about finding the best head protection for young football players. According to the previous analysis, the SpeedFlex youth helmet is a program that is designed to provide a variety of colors, high-quality materials, and the necessary accessories for impact absorption. Specifically, the program is designed to provide assurance about the necessary accessories for impact absorption. Therefore, using this professional football helmet will not only keep you safe but also comfortable.

Riddell Dallas Cowboys Proline Authentic Football Helmet

Best Youth Football Helmets

The technology utilized by Riddell Dallas Cowboys Proline Authentic is unparalleled. It is currently one of the top youth football helmets that can be purchased on the market. There is a good explanation for why it quickly became the most popular helmet across all skill levels. Having said all of that, the Speedflex is quite large. We have worries about the ability of the players’ necks to sustain this helmet, and these concerns vary depending on the ages of the players.




Quite popular in the NFL

Continuity testing is great

TPU cushion

100% concussion-proof on any filed


Pretty big and weighs 4 pounds

Bottom line

We personally would prefer a lighter choice for younger or younger athletes’ necks, but the protection cannot be overlooked in and of itself. The SpeedFlex program is an excellent choice for young people, provided that they are aware of what it entails.

Xenith Shadow XR Youth Black Football Helmet

The Xenith Shadow XR Youth Black Helmets are designed to reduce the likelihood of a player experiencing a concussion while they are worn. As a result of this, it is currently regarded as one of the best youth football helmets available on the market. The Adapt technology, which is comparable to that of the best helmets now available, is incorporated into each and every Xenith helmet.

Customers give these helmets an average rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on Xenith’s page for customer reviews. Customers prefer these helmets for a number of reasons, one of which is that the straps and buckles are comfortable for the wearer. These highlighted aspects make it easier for customers to have faith in them since they add more truth.


For a good breath

Provides optimal comfort on the head

Better weight distribution for young athletes

The structure allows cool air to pass through the head and hot air to escape

10% lighter and better protection than traditional housing

TPU material


Not suitable for everyone

Bottom line

If you’re looking for the youth football helmet with the highest ratings, you should look no further than this one, despite the fact that it may not be suitable for everyone. Utilization of this helmet comes with a host of important advantages. The Xenith Shadow XR Youth Black is the answer to the query “what are the best youth football helmets” since this is the reason why it is the answer.

Xenith Youth X2E+ White Football Helmet

Best Youth Football Helmets

Finding a football helmet that is ideal for your youngster who appreciates playing beautiful games can be a challenging endeavor because of the large number of helmets that were developed for older generations of football players. Because even younger athletes and those just starting out are susceptible to injury, Xenith has designed a unique helmet specifically for them to wear.

The Xenith Youth X2E is a football helmet designed for adolescents that have paved the way for many other brands to follow in terms of designing helmets for the younger generation. This is a helmet that will fit your child well and prevent them from playing with injuries as long as they are not too young.

The X2E, a youth football helmet that is made of ABS plastic and has a lightweight ABS shell, is the most effective helmet for lowering the risk of concussions and is currently the industry standard. It does this by providing protection to the wearer. This young man’s helmet was equipped with a shock absorber so that the tank could move freely and achieve a greater reduction in overall torque. Your youngster will need to tighten the chin straps on this helmet in order to achieve a specific fit. Remarkably, there is no need for a pump, which is a great feature.

By utilizing shock absorber technology, these types of the finest youth football helmets are able to provide an optimal response to direct hits. This is yet another benefit that these types of helmets have. Because of this, X2E+ is able to adjust to attacks and lessen the overall impact they have on the players.

This helmet is made of FitBand when it is not being used with the pump. It has a silicon strip that is fashioned to assure a comfortable fit by fitting any player’s head shape and size, in addition to meeting all safety criteria. This helmet also comes with an accompanying mask, a 3XD jaw guard, dual-density comfort DNA jaw pads, a six-vent lid, and a hybrid chin cup. All of these features can be found on the helmet. This helmet offers the highest level of protection possible and is ideal for players of an intermediate skill level or younger people.



Good price

Durable ABS plastic standoff shell

Absorbs shock and moisture

Lightweight design

Surefit technology

TPU material


Not have long service life like others.

Bottom line

The vast majority of younger athletes will almost always choose lightweight helmets. Because of this, the Xenith Youth X2E+ is the best option for providing the highest possible level of comfort and protection for young children.

Riddell 29072556 Youth Speed Football Helmet

If you’re a football fanatic, Riddell Helmets is certainly a brand name that’s familiar to you. Riddell is another well-known manufacturer of helmets. Because of the many benefits it offers, this style of helmet is quickly becoming popular among professional football players. The Riddell Victor Youth helmet is a tough helmet that can protect you from the damaging consequences of a match. This helmet is ideal for younger players.

When compared to other helmets, this one is on the heavier side, but the protection it provides is commendable thanks to the features it incorporates. In the same manner as the Riddell Victor Youth, the EPS foam liner system found inside the helmet is able to assist in the absorption of any impact. The chinstrap jacket provides players with the most comfortable sensation possible thanks to its specially designed construction for sensitive skin. You may save some money by purchasing this helmet because it comes with a face mask and a cap already attached to it.



Chinstrap for sensitive skin

Equipped with a smooth cushion

Various sizes: small, medium, large and x-large


Limited color

Bottom line

The performance is satisfactory for players at the professional level, despite the fact that the cost is somewhat hefty. When players wear helmets, they are able to feel an authentic level of comfort. A selection of sizes is offered for your convenience and flexibility.

Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet

Best Youth Football Helmets

Another fantastic Schutt helmet for young football players looking to compete at a high level of competition is the Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet. It, like all of Schutt’s other helmets, is equipped with a wide variety of the same features that have made the firm famous. In essence, the safety features ensure that players will receive the highest possible level of protection, and this is the type of helmet that provides all of that.

This football helmet features TPU, which not only improves player performance but also makes the game more comfortable for young football players who are using it. Because of its size, the shell is able to effectively absorb the force of the hit. In addition, the Recruit Hybrid helmet can be used in conjunction with Schutt’s goggles to provide enhanced protection for the athlete.


TPU cushion

Independent cover design

Technology D30

Available in sizes from double extremely small to extremely large


Nothing to complain about

Bottom line

There is not one downside that has been brought up that stands out as a significant requirement for the Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid. Athletes can benefit from this piece of equipment by gaining enhanced vision while competing and increasing comfort around the head. This makes it more appealing to customers when they are buying, and it elevates it to the position of being the greatest football helmet for children.

Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard V Football Helmet

This youth air standard V football helmet, which is somewhat comparable to the Schutt youth DNA pro, was designed specifically with young athletes in mind. They place a significant emphasis on protection and comfort, which are the two primary concerns that should be addressed with any helmet. Schutt is well-known for manufacturing products of high quality that also have increased comfort and safety at rates that are more reasonable.

The level of protection that players receive from a Schutt sports youth helmet is fairly astounding when contrasted to the cost of the helmet. It is obvious that the manufacturer has been consistently investing both its resources and time in order to make this helmet even more user-friendly while also increasing its level of protection for gamers. Each helmet has a few minor upgrades and a few characteristics that are exclusive to it.

The most pleasant material that can be utilized for any helmet is TPU leather, which can be found on the inside of the helmet. When you finally do take it, you will notice a significant improvement. On the other hand, the Schutt young DNA pro and the Air Standard offer such a high level of comfort that you won’t even be aware that you are carrying something heavy on your head when you wear them.

The jaw pads function similarly to a cushion. In the event that you perform particular actions incorrectly, the interior of the helmet will resemble jaw pads and will assist you in avoiding serious injury.



Comfortable fit

Durable helmet shell

TPU material


May not fit those who need big-size helmets

Bottom line

It is of the utmost importance to select a cap that features a tough helmet shell. This will not only provide the players with comfort and relief, but it will also shield their heads from any blows or injuries that may occur while they are playing soccer. because it has an impact on the way the mind works while the game is being played. However, there is no need for concern because Schutt Sports has provided a solution for you in the form of the Youth AiR Standard V.

Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

The Schutt Youth Vengeance A3 football helmet is undeniably designed for individuals who are searching for the highest possible level of comfort and defense. When players put on the Vengeance A3 helmet, they will immediately be able to identify the comfortable sensation that it provides thanks to the TPU skin layer. Even if you take a significant blow, your outer skin will continue to provide a pleasant sensation for him.

The majority of these helmets that are now available on the market can be utilized, despite the fact that the Schutt Vengeance A3 Helmet does not include a mask. Therefore, if you are looking for a helmet for your child, all you need to do is evaluate where your child plays, and then it will only take you a few clicks to get the appropriate mask.

The helmet is not only incredibly comfortable, but it also comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased at a price that is far lower than most others. Additionally, its durability is a noteworthy quality that should be emphasized. This helmet is without a doubt the best option for anyone who is serious about their training and wants to increase their overall performance.


Very light

Good price

TPU material outside for optimal protection

A wide range of colors is provided

Larger, contoured front opening for increased field of vision


Mask is not included

Bottom line

Many people are able to purchase a Schutt Vengeance football helmet despite the fact that it is developed with advanced technology and constructed from premium materials. It is safe to say that this is one of the greatest helmets when it comes to the amount of force it can absorb, making it an excellent option for children.

Schutt Sports F7 lX1 Youth Football Helmet with Face Mask

Although the F7 LX1 appears to provide less protection based on the NFL rankings, it is nevertheless remarkable in this regard. The Tektonic 3D plate system is the most notable feature of the Schutt F7 LX1 model. Tektonic sheets come with either the main layer of TPU cushioning or none. The Tektonic Sheet is able to move on its own and provides additional protection against rotating pressures while also offering greater comfort lining.

A Helmet Stabilization System is included with the F7 LX1 as well, which helps improve both fit and stability (HSS). The head shape of the wearer is framed by the HSS, which is made of pliable leather and wrapped around it. The exterior helmet shell of the F7 LX1 helmet is similarly built of strong polycarbonate, while the fast-release mask is made of titanium for durability and lightweight protection. Both of these materials are designed to enhance the helmet’s overall performance. In addition to that, we will provide you with a hybrid chinstrap shirt that has a tough outer helmet shell and a plush inner interior.


TPU padding for protection

Great comfort

Comes with a quick-release titanium face shield and a hybrid chinstrap cloth


Nothing to complain about

Bottom line

In general, players need to pay very little attention to the numerous drawbacks associated with this helmet. Because of all of these aspects, including a detailed design cycle and a reasonably large investment in materials, this particular helmet is easily among the top ones on this list.

Riddell Victor Youth Helmet

Best Youth Football Helmets

The football helmets produced by Riddell have earned the company a solid reputation among consumers. It is one of the options that garners the most support among football players. If a young athlete is seeking Riddell technology and a great deal on a face mask and helmet, the Riddell juvenile football helmet is the best choice they can make.

If you are interested in purchasing a helmet of the highest possible quality, then you should give serious consideration to purchasing this Riddell Victor helmet. Because this helmet is constructed from extremely long-lasting material, we are confident that it will deliver dependable service on the football field.

When compared to other helmets made by Riddell, as well as the Revo speed helmet, this one features a shell design that is very similar. If you wear this helmet, you will seem just as sophisticated as the ones that are seen on television. The DNA jaw pads that are housed inside the helmet’s shell are there to shield the athlete from the effects of any impact. In addition to that, it is lined with a well-known fabric.

Riddell helmets provide protection that many helmets on the market do not have. This line of the best youth football helmets features a patented face that protects you from shock and pressure while minimizing pressure on the sides of your face.


Soft jaw pads

Ergonomic fit

Chinstrap is great for sensitive skin

Extremely durable

TPU Technology



Bottom line

These helmets protect you from side and head injuries, including concussions. They provide you with the option to select from four different sizes, ranging from incredibly small to exceedingly enormous. There are also a number of essential safety measures that can assist in the prevention of head injuries such as concussions and damage to the jaw.

Buying Directives:

You can improve your performance on the field by getting the correct kind of helmet. The following is a list of the primary characteristics that every potential purchaser ought to give serious consideration to before picking which option to go with.

Appropriate size

When shopping for a football helmet, one of the first things you should think about is the player’s head size. When it comes to hat sizes, some of the most fundamental considerations include the fact that you can seek advice from your trainer or reference an existing sizing chart that offers directions on how to choose the appropriate size to achieve a great fit.

When it comes to the question of size, it ought to be appropriate for you to wear and be comfortable while you play. It is highly recommended that you test them out before making a purchase decision. Because doing so will ensure that you acquire a hat that actually fits you rather than just appearing to do so visually.

When you apply pressure to the football helmet with your hand, you will also be able to feel that the pressure is being distributed equally. In addition, ensure that you purchase the item from a youth helmet corner so that it does not get used in the incorrect manner after purchase. Take note that most helmets designed for adults are too heavy for them. Wearing one of these might potentially put a young youngster in harm’s way.

Right Weight

For the younger riders, you need a model of helmet that has a very low weight. This is due to the fact that a weight that is appropriate for children makes it simpler for them to maneuver around the field. The ability to last for a long time is also crucial. When you look at the material, you will be able to identify whether or not a helmet model is sturdy. ABS has a very long lifespan. Jaw pads are also essential since they protect a player’s head and allow them to maintain a comfortable weight while still providing adequate support.

High-Quality Material

One further factor to take into consideration is the quality of the material. In order to provide adequate protection for the athlete’s head, helmets designed for youth football players must be constructed from raw materials and have a very high load capacity. The vast majority of football helmet manufacturers choose this particular material.

Following this is a series of jaw pads constructed of TPU in combination with either fiberglass (both of which are heavy and both of which are robust) or carbon fiber (light and both durable). When playing step-by-step, the carry case absolutely needs to be unbreakable in order to ensure the safety of the young football player’s head. It is the first class that can survive direct contact with hostile forces. It is to everyone’s advantage if the task at hand is a challenging one.

If you decide to purchase one, you should check that the helmet you get is constructed from ABS plastic. This is particularly significant since it indicates that the helmet can resist a significant amount of pressure. In spite of the fact that PP plastic is incredibly flexible, it breaks easily when it is subjected to intense sunlight. Because football is played outside, there is a very good probability that a player’s helmet will become warped as a result of the heat.

Durable Outer Shell

The design of the outer profile shell should be of excellent quality and be able to endure the intense hits that are associated with football. This is a crucial element to look for. The shape of the shell’s tough outer contour makes it less susceptible to shock and impact, in addition to being highly resistant to direct hits. Additionally, it enables the participant to stand back up and continue playing even after they have been knocked down.

Find football helmet ratings for young players that are appropriate for their age and adhere to industry standards for safety. The best helmet ratings include the NOCSAE seal, which is an approved standard for helmet programs developed to offer protection for children and professional football players, and a great appearance for impact absorption. Additionally, the best helmet ratings have fantastic impact absorption. The seal is often located on the back of the item.


The next characteristic to look for in a youth helmet is protection. The quality of the washer and washing machine that are installed determines the quality of the helmet that is produced. It is imperative that it be shock-absorbing, creative, and based on scientific research. Be sure to pick up an appropriate helmet that will provide a great deal of protection for your child while they are playing on the field.

Reliable Brand

When purchasing any kind of good, it is critical to do so from the most reputable brands. When it comes to the best-rated youth football helmets, Xenith, Riddell, and Schutt are three names that stand out among the competition. Xenith is well-known for producing professional football helmets and children’s helmets of high quality. Their products offer the highest level of defense, without compromising on comfort, longevity, or aesthetics in the process.

The Schutt helmet is not only stylish, durable, and comfortable, but it also boasts an incredible design. The Schutt helmet has been lauded for its longevity and comfort by a significant number of professional and amateur football players. Riddell has continuously exceeded the expectations of their customers by delivering football helmets of a high quality that can be used by both amateur and professional football players on the field.

Warranty Policy

If the manufacturer is ready to guarantee the customer’s contentment with the purchase of a helmet, you might be on the right track. Choose a helmet whose manufacturer appears to have confidence in its quality. In addition to these characteristics, you should search for a helmet that is resistant to scratches, ultraviolet light, and shocks.

You now have the knowledge necessary to select a child’s football helmet similar to that. If you succeed in developing a helmet that does not have a visor, you should quickly locate one that is compatible with it. The majority of the greatest football helmet brands also manufacture their own protective gear. You shouldn’t have any trouble locating them, and some helmet designs even come with built-in masks.


What makes a Football helmet safe?

A quality shell is one that is robust enough to withstand attempts at penetrating it and that offers a secure anchor for the foam padding, the face strap, and the chin. The shells are made of cycolic alloys, polycarbonate alloys, or polycarbonate alloys. The impact resistance of polycarbonate is superior to that of cycolac.

What is the number 1 football helmet?

Football helmet manufactured by Schutt Sports named the Vengeance VTD II.
The Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet, which can be purchased for somewhere in the neighborhood of $300, is the most expensive helmet that we looked at for this evaluation. According to the STAR rating system, it is currently ranked as the “Best Available” option for football players of the modern day.

What brand does NFL use for helmets?

In the National Football League, there are four notable helmet manufacturers. Riddell, Schutt, VICIS, and Xenith are their names, respectively. These four companies make up the vast majority of the NFL’s certified helmets. Currently, there are 31 recommended models on the list; thirteen of them are Schutt models, eleven are Riddell models, six are Xenith models, and one is a VICIS model.

What helmet does Tom Brady wear?

Riddell Speedflex Helmet
Tom Brady wears a Riddell Speedflex Helmet.

How tight should the helmet feel?

You will have the sensation that there is a tiny pressure that is distributed evenly throughout your head. Keep in mind that the soft lining will compress while the helmet is worn, which will cause it to become somewhat looser. For optimal comfort, while wearing a new helmet, ensure that it has a close fit.

Final thoughts

One of the things that parents find to be the most gratifying is when their children, rather than becoming addicted to their smartphones or computers, develop an interest in sports and athletics. As a result, a lot of parents are always ready to invest the greatest things in their children’s sporting interests since they want the best for their kids. Regarding football, one of the topics that cause the greatest anxiety is, “What is the best youth football helmet?”

We hope that by providing descriptions of crucial factors that parents ought to think about when purchasing the best kids’ football helmet 2022 for their children to utilize, we have made it easier for you to select the items that are most appropriate for your needs. It would be easier and simpler for purchasers as we have offered the reviews of the top youth football helmets above for thoughtful consideration.

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