Faheem Jutt – Editor and Writer

Faheem is the editor for Sportda. After graduating from Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and Gaming news for Sportda.

Staff Writers

Elious Kanchan Sonie – Staff Writer

Elious Kanchan Sonie

With Politics & Business as his majors, Elious Kanchan Sonie graduated from Hussain Sohrawardy College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. In his college life, he was mad about sports, especially in cricket. His favorite cricket player is MS Dhoni and he loves him a lot. Sonie was interested in sports blogging and eventually, he decided to deliver sports breaking news on SPORTDA.

Nazmul Redoy – Staff Writer

Nazmul Redoy

Nazmul Redoy is LLB graduated from Bangladesh Islami University, Dhaka, Bangladesh but his passion is about Sports, Digital Marketing, and Cryptocurrencies. Nazmul worked as an area manager at OPPO Bangladesh Communication Equipment Company Limited. He has over 2 years experience of sports blogging on his own blog.

Md Nasif Sakib – Staff Writer

Md Nasif Sakib

Currently, he is a student of LLB department in Bangladesh Islami University and only one year left to complete his graduation. Sakib has 3 years experience of sports blogging. Now, he is working as a staff writer on

A B M Ishaq – Contributor

A B M Ishaq
A B M Ishaq

Abul Barakat Md Ishaq, (A B M Ishaq) currently studying at Bangladesh Islami University in English Department. His favorite sports are cricket, football, tennis and boxing, favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo and at present working as a chief sports writer on SPORTDA.

Sabbir Munna – Contributor

Sabbir Munna
Sabbir Munna

Sabbir Munna is a MBA degree holder from Bangladesh Islami University. During student life he was fond of sports and played as a goalkeeper for his college team. He loves sports and his favorite football player is Messi. At present, working as a staff writer on