Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is bewildered by the attitude of his team’s fans towards Gareth Bale

Zidane is bewildered by the attitude of his team's fans towards Gareth Bale
Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, 21 April 2019.


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is bewildered by the attitude of his team’s fans towards Gareth Bale, who was whistleblower during the 3-0 La Liga win over Athletic Bilbao.

Asked why a player who has won four Champions League titles in five seasons at Madrid, including decisive goals in two of the finals, is the target of so much hostility, Zidane said: “I don’t understand why Bale is whistled and Isco applauded.

The Welsh striker entered as a substitute after not entering Zidane’s starting eleven for the second consecutive game and angered the assistants at the Santiago Bernabeu by losing an opportunity in a one-on-one.

The reaction contrasts with the welcome to Isco, who entered the field at the same time as Bale to the delight of the bleachers.

For his part, Bale shrugged at the missed opportunity but gave the assistance of the last goal of the hat trick of Karim Benzema, although that did not save him from an attack by the local media.

“The intention would be to sell it, but no offers arrive,” says the cover of Marca, accompanied by a photo of Bale, 29, with a frustrated face. “Madrid is planning to sell it,” the newspaper adds.

The same media said recently that Chelsea’s Belgian striker Eden Hazard will be signed to take Bale’s place in the team.

A caustic opinion piece in the newspaper went further.

“Madrid, more specifically its president, has done a procrastination exercise with Bale… Bale finished last season as a substitute for low performance and is going to finish the course on the bench,” he said, omitting to mention Bale’s two goals, including an impressive Chilean, in last year’s Champions League final.

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