Who are going to participate in the World Cup with Messi?

Who are going to participate in the World Cup with Messi?
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After one and half month later the “World Cup” will be started. Argentina coach busy to decide who will be on the team and who will  not be there. However, Argentine supporters are worried about this.


Actually, they are worried about the attack and who will be with Messi in the world cup, whether or not Paulo Dybala will be on the team, the questions are coming back. Since Juventus has not been in the Forward’s squad, the buzz has risen.


However, the Argentine press reports that coach Jorge Sampaoli has confirmed two things. One, Juventus’s Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain are in the World Cup squad and Two, Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi is not in the squad.


You will be surprised to hear that Jorge Sampaoli met them yesterday regarding this issue. Argentina coach will make a World Cup team by traveling Europe.


TYC Sports reported, “Paulo Dybala will be present in the World Cup and there is no doubt Higuain will be there.” Unfortunately, it is not confirmed that Mauro Icardi will be there.


There is a reason why Icardi will not be in the World Cup. Jorge Sampaoli said, “His movement did not match with the team.” Among those who are playing in Europe, Higuain and Sergio Aguero are most liked by Argentine Coach.


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