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What are the basics of horse racing?


horse racing | What are the basics of horse racing?


Horse racing is one of the largest business that moves a lot of money and has a large following. If you don’t know much about horse racing then I think you will have to take a look at the basics. You may know something about horse racing in another country or you may not know anything at all. However, don’t worry, in this article, I will describe the whole thing for you.

How can you learn the rules and improve knowledge?

Spend the necessary time and watch many horse races. In the United Kingdom, there are two types of horse racing: Flat (flat) and National Hunt (with obstacles, also known as jump racing). Horse races with obstacles have 3 main categories:

1. Hurdle Races

2.Bumpers (they are flat races but run on obstacle courses) and

3.Steeplechases (field races, also known as chase)

In the races of the chase category, the most experienced horses participate, since the obstacles they have to jump much greater.

There are other types of races known as all-weather (synthetic surface) that are held throughout the year. There are four places with synthetic track racetracks: Lingfield, Kempton, Southwell, and Wolverhampton. Some of the tracks have a Polytrack surface, while others use sand-fiber, so it is very important to find the horse that has a good performance on each type of track.

Use the Betfair horse racing information guide or visit the Racing Post websites to find out all the results of the races already held. You can find detailed information about each race, videos of past races, etc. You should also read the comments about the race to know if the horse ended up tired or strong. Check the coaches’ comments about the horse; Is the horse being trained to run certain races?

Betting on horse racing (General information)

The process of acquiring knowledge about each type of race is similar, the most important thing is to find out the state of form of each horse and the trainer, the distance over which the horse runs best and the type of surface that it prefers, some horses prefer a track in good condition, while others get better results when the track is soft.

There are differences in the racetracks of the United Kingdom, both in flat and obstacle races, some racetracks are better for some horses than others. For example, some tracks are flat, to run at a gallop, while others are undulating and have a steep final straight that best suits horses with more resistance. In some tracks, the horses run to the left hand and in others to the right. Often the state of the track is more important in some racetracks than in others.

In the level races (Handicap) the horses have to carry different weights depending on their capacity. The goal is to give each horse the same chance to win. Please don’t forget to notice that if the horse is better than it can carry greater weight.

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Abu Bakar
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