U.S. Open apologizes for warning French Cornet for changing her shirt on the court

The U.S. Open said Wednesday that it regrets that French tennis player Alize Cornet has received a warning for taking off her shirt during a game after complaints that the decision was sexist.

Cornet returned to the court after a 10-minute break before the third set of her first-round match on Tuesday and found that she had put her shirt on backward.

She then walked to the back of the court, took off her shirt and turned it over, briefly exposing a sports bra, which earned her a warning of violation of chair umpire code by Christian Rask.

Men tennis players often change or remove their shirts between games and sometimes sit shirtless for long periods in their chairs during side changes.

“All players can change their shirts when they are sitting in their chair. This is not considered a violation of the Code,” the U.S. Open said in a statement.

“We regret that yesterday it was assessed as a breach of the Code by Mrs. Cornet. We have clarified the policy to ensure that this does not happen again. Fortunately, only a warning was issued without sanctions or fines.”

“Players can also change their shirts at a more private location near the court, when available if they wish.”

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