The Practical Guide from an Ad Man | Patrick Van Negri

When we think of Don Draper, we tend to think of a man full of charisma and the business acuity that can win even the toughest meeting room over. Meet Patrick Van Negri, often described as the ‘Don Draper of Social Media,’ Patrick has built a reputable brand that wins you over through an ad every time. His effortless approach to creating ads has made Patrick a highly sought after prospect by various companies and sponsors. In this guide, we will break down Patrick’s entire perspective when creating an advertisement.

Use Social Media To Collaborate

We have never been in an easier time to connect from anywhere across the globe; social media has broken the barriers to entry for almost every industry. Companies today are immersing in influencer marketing and producing unheard of numbers by doing so, and they have influencers like Patrick to thank for.

Patrick has always had a very keen ability to tell a story through the lens, so when companies have approached him to do business, Patrick has over-delivered. In a digital world full of selfies and cat videos, being able to take an ad and create a story that provokes emotion, thoughts, and impulse is an exceptional talent. If you scroll down Patrick’s Instagram, you will be met with individual storylines for each ad you come across, and it’s these types of influencers who make collaborations timeless.

Prioritize Your Audience

Growing and building a following involves so much more than most people know, by focusing on offering a valuable and insightful feed, Patrick has built an impressive following from across the world. To Patrick, being able to provide Value is a high priority that dictates every post, down to every caption. Before he decides what his feed will consist of, Patrick makes sure always to consider how his audience of followers can benefit from the post, whether it’s an ad or even some simple advice on how to dress better.

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