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South America is favorite to host the 2030 World Cup, according to the president of Conmebol

Wednesday photo of Argentine President Mauricio Macri (2nd) with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (I) and Presidents of Conmebol Alejandro Domínguez, of Uruguay Tabaré Vázquez, of Paraguay Mario Abdo and Chile Sebastián Piñera of Buenos Aires . Mar 20, 2019.


The head of the Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, said on Wednesday that South America is favorite to obtain the organization of the World Cup in 2030.

“Today, I think we are the favorites to win. If we do our work in Conmebol and on the other hand the countries do theirs, we are the favorites to win, ”

Dominguez told local television after having a meeting with the presidents of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile.

The head of the governing body of South American football participated in Buenos Aires of the second UN Conference on South-South Cooperation and confirmed the agreement between the four countries for the joint organization of the World Cup.

“I agree with Alejandro Domínguez. The incorporation of Chile and the Conmebol involved reinforce the aspirations of the Southern Cone,” Fernando Marin, Argentina’s World Cup 2030 coordinator, told to media.

Marin also confirmed to media that on April 8 a meeting of the Management Committee of the four countries will be held in Buenos Aires, where the guidelines on which the organizers will work will be established.

For his part, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera gave details of his country’s expectations for participation in the organization of the tournament.

“In that World Cup there will be 48 teams, and therefore 12 to 18 venues and Chile will have between three and four venues, and therefore will participate intensely in the World Cup. In addition to the round of 16, quarterfinals, a semifinal and probably the definition of third place,” said the president, according to the local press.

Initially, Argentina and Uruguay ran for the World Cup, then Paraguay and, ultimately, Chile. Morocco, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom also expressed interest in receiving the competition.



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