Robert Kubica Joins the Alfa Romeo Racing Team

Robert Kubica Joins the Alfa Romeo Racing Team


Ahead of the Formula 1 2020 racing season, several teams began to maneuver large. One of them is Alfa Romeo who took Robert Kubica as their driver.

The 35-year-old veteran racer was towed as a reserve driver. Not only that, but the Alfa Romeo racing team also brought in a new sponsor, PKN Orlen, which is a big company in the field of oil and gas fuel production.

Team leader Frederic Vasseur welcomed the two maneuvers. He hopes that the partnership built with PKN Orlen will produce even more competitive cars on F1 racing tracks. He also hopes the same thing when Robert Kubica is willing to become a reserve driver.

‘We are very glad to have him and we are eagerly waiting to get the win with him,’ Frederic said.

The Orlen PKN, based in Poland, is not the first time it has penetrated the sports world. They are also listed as sponsors of the Williams racing team and the main Polish volleyball national team sponsors.

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