PSG coach wants great performance in the Champions League

PSG coach wants great performance in the Champions League
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PSG coach Tomas Tuchel is very happy with the team’s game against Lille in League One. The German coach wants to take part in the great performance of domestic football in the Champions League.

On the last Friday, the last time champions won 2-1 goals in Paris. They made a record by consistently winning  12 matches from the beginning as the first team of the top five leagues of the tournament.The

Brazilian forward Neymar doubled the margin after the second half of the match when Kylian Mbappe has scored the first goal what expresses that he is in rhythm.

Tuchel said after the match “It was a great performance. … Throughout the whole match, we completely controlled the counter attacks and it was difficult. Because I think Lille is one of the best teams in Europe for the counter attacks. ”

“I think it was our best match this season. It was needed against this opponent. On Tuesday night, (in the Champions League) it will be needed. ”

A well performing team in the league, PSG’s Champions League knockout phase is uncertain. In the ‘C’ group, playing three matches, they have seen a win, a draw, and a loss. They are in the third place of the group with four points. Napoli will face the French champions in their next match. Tuchel is confident of doing well in the match.

“Napoli plays another type of football. And this will be a very important challenge. After this great match against Lille, the team is confident. It was necessary to play with much more skill. We did that. “

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