Nick Harris emphasized that MotoGP fans need not fear to lose their racing talents


Nick Harris emphasized that MotoGP fans need not fear to lose their racing talents


Nick Harris emphasized that MotoGP fans need not fear to lose their racing talents, because the world motorcycle racing championship always gives birth to young racers who have potential in this field. The statement was related to the dominance of Marc Marquez in the main class.

Since Marquez arrived in the main MotoGP class, many records have been able to be created by the Repsol Honda team driver. Along the way, The Baby Alien is at least able to drown the popularity of Valentino Rossi.

Evidently, six successful world titles Marquez secured during appearing in the MotoGP event. Even so, no one was able to predict how long that domination would last and the legendary commentator said that if Marquez was no longer young, then the other team would have a driver ready to replace him.

‘If Marc Marquez is the oldest racer on the podium, you know there will be a change of guards. People like Quartararo, Mir, Bagnaia; they all switched from Moto3 to Moto2 and that’s how they learned their work. Sport is very healthy today,’ said Harris was quoted from Speedweek, Saturday (01/04/2020).

For your information, Harris is someone who is very attached to MotoGP. His distinctive voice makes him known as the legendary commentator or The voice of MotoGP.

Harris’s golden voice is well known all over the world. I was so famous, Dady, the boy from Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara was able to imitate the voice of the 72-year-old grandfather.

In short, when asked about the best racer he had ever seen, Harris admitted it was difficult to mention who he considered the most perfect racer. According to him, because not all racers have the advantage of racing in world motorcycle racing championships other than MotoGP.

‘As in other sports, it’s very difficult to say who is the best. Can Valentino Rossi compete in the Tourist Trophy or on the old street circuit? Maybe not and can Geoff Duke or Mike Hailwood pave the asphalt as you have to do today? Maybe not. You ‘must see them in an era where they race,’ Harris added.


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