TOP 10Neymar didn't forget Messi and Suarez even after changing the club

Neymar didn’t forget Messi and Suarez even after changing the club

Neymar didn't forget Messi and Suarez after changing the club
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Neymar changed the club and it brings a bitter taste to Barcelona. After Luis Figo, This is the first club change has caused so much bitterness. Neymar could not remove the Barcelona club from his heart. Not for the whole club, he sorrow for his two friends Messi and Suarez.


Brazilian legend Zico talked about the ‘MSN’ trio in an interview with YouTube on Neymar Do not think about Barcelona as a club. Rather looking at losing the friendship of three of them is still. The friendship between us was amazing, that is wonderful. Barcelona – I feel the lack of only two of my life. That’s the main reason we used to have fun every day.


Messi-Neymar-Suarez became the best player in the world’s attack.

The back-to-back relationship played a role in this, “In one match, I passed a few passes.

Messi passed a few passes. Then Suarez tried to drill the same way and tried to pass the backflip.

We both started looking at him and smiling. We were so close, when someone failed, we could still smile.

When he was seen in the locker room, Suarez said, I saw you dripping, so I tried to do it too.


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