MotoGP: Valentino Rossi has the full support of his mother

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi has the full support of his mother


Valentino Rossi’s mother, Stefania Palma, talked about the fate of her son who was kicked out by the Yamaha factory team next season. He will continue to support The Doctor’s decision.

Yamaha’s official Monster Energy team did not renew Rossi’s contract that expires at the end of the 2020 MotoGP race. The Japanese manufacturer prefers to promote Fabio Quartararo starting in 2021.

As a result, Rossi will now make choices related to his future after leaving Yamaha. Various speculations say if he will drive a motorcycle with a satellite team, until hanging his helmet next year.

The nine-time MotoGP world champion said that he would determine his fate in the world of racing in the middle of this season. At present, he prefers to focus on facing the MotoGP 2020 and the decisions he takes will depend on the results he gets later.

Related to the future of Rossi who must part ways with the Monster Energy Yamaha team starting next season, Stefania also gave his comments. He called his son’s decision to focus on racing this season right.

‘I am happy and proud at this moment Valentino decided to take time to think about the last years of his career. He will not be influenced by the choices of others, but follow what his own heart,’ Stefania said quoted from GPOne.

‘Valentino has been racing for years and in my opinion, he did the right thing for it. Modern lifestyle means you don’t learn, you don’t prepare everything you want to do, but that is clearly a mistake.’

‘We always pursue the future and we cannot live well today with such nuances. Valentino does the right thing by following what is on his mind,’ he explained.

Stefania also spoke out about the issue of Rossi going to be a duet with his half-sister, Luca Marini, on the satellite team in the 2021 season. He claimed he still hadn’t thought about the idea.

‘I have not thought about that possibility. I just want to see my son fight in 20 races this year, I will be at the forefront. Then, whatever happens, let it happen,’ Stefania revealed.

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