McGregor’s 40-second victory over Cerrone remained unimpressive to Khabib


McGregor's 40-second victory over Cerrone remained unimpressive to Khabib



Conor McGregor managed to beat Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds. But for Khabib Nurmagomedov, the battle was like a circus.

The UFC 246 duel which took place at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Saturday (1/18) was known to be the McGregor comeback event, the last one to fight in October 2018.

With that victory, McGregor’s bid to compete even more. He is also said to have begun to re-pursue the path to win the UFC championship belt that he once carried.

But Khabib was not impressed with McGregor’s victory. The UFC lightweight world champion regards the return of the free Dublin fighter to the octagon like a circus show, which is only aimed at making a fortune.

‘They ( UFC) chose a good opponent (for McGregor), an opponent who in his career never won an important title,’ Khabib was quoted as saying by Metro.

‘He (McGregor) could continue to win and win until he could finally appear in the main battle, before finally giving up because of his mental weakness. It was all just a circus show,’ continued the 31-year-old man.
Cerrone who is against McGregor is also questioned by Khabib.

If McGregor is indeed serious about undergoing a comeback, the chosen opponent should not be the fighter nicknamed the Cowboy.

‘(UFC) choosing opponents for their comeback games only amaze the audience,’ Khabib said.

‘So they chose that person (Cerrone), and their plan worked because people are now talking (McGregor) again, about rematches and so on. Just so you know, Cerrone has lost 7 out of his last 10 matches,’ he added.


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