Lorenzo Sanz: Former Real Madrid president dies after contracting coronavirus

Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz died on Saturday after being taken to hospital with a coronavirus.

Sanz, 76, was president of the Bernabeu from 1995 to 2000, when Real won the Champions League twice.

“My father just died,” wrote Sanz’s son Lorenzo Sanz Duran on Twitter.

“He didn’t deserve this ending this way. One of the best, bravest and hardest working people I have seen in my life. His family and Real Madrid were his passion.”

Sanz has recruited players such as Roberto Carlos, Clarence Seedorf and Davor Suker during his tenure as head of the 33 Spanish champions,

He lost the presidential election of 2000 in favor of Florentino Perez, which started the “Galatico” era with high spending by Real.

Sanz’s son Fernando, 46, played for Real Madrid from 1996 to 1999 before spending the last seven years of his career in Malaga.

Source BBC sport

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