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I Am Not Okay with This Season 2: A Comedy Yet Mystery Drama?

I Am Not Okay with This will soon pop up on our screens with its season 2. Just a few more months and the makers will officially announce the renewal of the spectacular teen comedy yet mystery drama.

Indeed, Netflix has been endowing us with remarkable series. I Am Not Okay with This is one of such masterpieces. You must know that I Am Not Okay with This is a comic-based series writer of which is Charles Forsman, the very same person who gave us The End of the F***ing World. Enough to boost your interest? Undoubtedly, it is.

I Am Not Okay with This Season 1

This year on Feb 26, Netflix released I Am Not Okay with This Season 1. The story of this comedy yet mystery-drama revolves around a teenage girl named Syd. Whereas the life of Syd revolves around her best friend Dina, and to some extent, her mother and brother. Well, there are two more people to add up in the story, Stan and Brad.

About Syd’s life, she’s a teen girl coping with her father’s sudden and tragic death amid having a crush on her best friend. Well, a crush isn’t the only thing that she has to deal with in between all her family drama. There’s more to her story and that involves her mystical powers.

Yes, Syd has some mystical powers: she can make things happen with her mind. Whenever she gets scared, whatever she thinks comes to happen. Uncontrollably, and unwantedly, by the end of season 1, Syd ends up blowing Brad’s head with the rage of her mind.

Still, we don’t know where she got her powers and how she’ll be able to control them.

What to Expect From I Am Not Okay with This Season 2?

As by the end of the first season, Syd had no idea what’s happening with her, we can expect the second season to throw light on the dark. We still don’t know what is the mystery behind Syd’s powers and will she have to pay for murdering Brad with the rage of her mind?

All we know so far is that there’s someone who has been following Syd from the beginning, and now he has reached out to her. Probably this is something to be worried about. Maybe in such a distressing and horrifying situation, Syd ends up doing something more horrible. Who knows what that mysterious man wants from her; maybe he would lead her to the wrong.

There’s a possibility that Syd’s powers are somehow connected to that of her father’s death. Probably her father has been suffering all of this long before he committed suicide.

Well, amid all this, let’s see will Syd be with Dina or end up dating Stan. There’s a possibility that Dina won’t understand Syd and consequently, she’ll go to Stan or maybe Stan would be there to help her out on his own.

Let’s see what I Am Not Okay with This Season 2 will bring to us.

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