Guardiola’s Statement Offensive to Manchester City Fans

Guardiola's Statement Offensive to Manchester City Fans


Pep Guardiola’s feud with Manchester City fans enters a new phase. This started after the bald-headed coach ignited the emotions of fans by urging him to stop criticizing the team.

‘Stop criticizing us, you do not know how much our football costs,’ said Guardiola quoted from AS Sport on Tuesday (1/28/2020).

Guardiola’s anger came after he saw the Etihad Stadium not full as usual aka 39,223 spectators only when City won 4-0 over Fulham in the FA Cup fourth round, last weekend. Though City has fans who have high loyalty to the club.

City fans have an average attendance of 55,000 each. Whether it’s in English and European League competitions. But Guardiola has a reason why he ignited the emotions of fans.

Because City will undergo the English League Cup semi-final match against Manchester United and Guardiola certainly requires a lot of support from fans in the derby match.

Nevertheless, Guardiola’s statement had already hurt the feelings of fans. Kevin Parker as the Secretary-General of the fan club stated that Guardiola was not aware of the economics of City fans.

According to him, this is a group of working-class supporters who have spent a lot of money on football. ‘I’m disappointed and I don’t understand what Pep is trying to achieve with those comments,’ said Kevin

‘I don’t think he has anything to do with the financial reality that football fans have to face. Pep must accept that this is a group of working-class supporters who spend a lot of money on football, so he has to stop persecuting us. Questioning the loyalty of Manchester City fans, who spent 35 years without a trophy, supporting them on many occasions, is something that is offensive,’ concluded Parker.

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