Former CBF President Marin sentenced to four years in prison in the US for FIFA corruption scandal


Former CBF President Marín sentenced to four years in prison in the US for FIFA corruption scandal
Archive image of former head of the Brazilian Football Confederation Jose Maria Marin, leaving the Federal Court in New York, USA, December 18, 2017

Former Brazilian Confederation of Football (CBF) President Jose Maria Marin was sentenced on Wednesday by a US judge to four years in prison after being convicted of corruption charges related to the FIFA bribery scandal.

Marin, 86, was also fined $1.2 million and forced to pay back $3.34 million. The former leader was found guilty in December of six counts of conspiracy, electronic fraud and money laundering.

Marin was one of the first leaders to face a lawsuit over what U.S. prosecutors called a corruption scheme that involved payments of more than $200 million in bribes in exchange for marketing rights and the broadcasting of soccer games.

The prosecutors, who said Marin received several million dollars in bribes, had asked for a minimum of 10 years in prison, minus the 13 months Marin had already spent in custody.

“We are disappointed with the ruling, but we appreciate the judge’s efforts to strike a fair balance,” Marin’s attorney, Charles Stillman, said in an e-mail. “Mr. Marin will appeal the decision.”

The CBF declined to comment on the situation.

At least 42 individuals and entities have been indicted in the FIFA investigation, and many have pleaded guilty.


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