FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Postponed Due To Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has made another major sporting tournament its victim since the FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup, to be held in India from 02 to 21 November, has been postponed.

The tournament was to mark India’s very first appearance in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in all age groups, but following a meeting between FIFA and the confederations, a decision was made to postpone the tournament. .

According to a report by the PTI, the task force suggested to the FIFA Council Office to “postpone the FIFA Women’s Under-20 World Cup, Panama / Costa Rica 2020 – originally scheduled for August / September 2020 – and the FIFA India Women’s Under-17 World Cup 2020 – originally scheduled for November 2020. ”

“New dates will be identified,” FIFA said in a statement.

It was also decided “to create a working group on the international women’s match calendar to examine potential changes to the schedule and dates of the postponed FIFA final tournaments”.

Although Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics are two of the biggest tournaments to have already been postponed to next year following the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been suggested that the Women’s World Cup U17 could survive the storm as it will take place towards the end of the year.

However, it is the inability of the governing body to conduct the remaining five qualifying rounds – including that of Africa, Europe, Oceania, South America and America Central, North America and the Caribbean – which forced those in charge to speak and postpone the event.

In other decisions, the task force recommended: “to postpone all international matches to be played during the next window in June 2020; and to organize bilateral discussions with the confederations regarding the Cup qualifiers FIFA World Cup 2022 to finalize revised match schedule pending health and safety developments “.

As for the women’s calendar of the year, it has been decided “to postpone all the international matches that will be played in the next window in June 2020; and to include the new dates of the Olympic women’s football tournament in the calendar of matches “.

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