Fernando Alonso says: “My time in F1 is over”


Fernando Alonso says: "My time in F1 is over"
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Fernando Alonso assures that he will leave F1 and not come back. “My time in F1 is over,” he told the international press today in Sochi.


“I want to be the best driver in the world. In Formula 1 I already got more than I dreamed when I started, I was twice champion, I managed to beat Michael Schumacher and my time in F1 is now over. All the success I wanted to achieve I already achieved and right now I have others, there are more difficult challenges than F1 right now outside and what we have to do is evaluate it to see what we can do.”


In short, the Asturian has planned to announce his program for 2019, where the WEC will be, with the second part of the Super season and where he is considering whether to perform the whole season of the IndyCar or just the Indy 500 to complete the Triple Crown.


It is true that Alonso announced on August 14 that he was leaving F1, but at no time did he indicate that it was a definitive withdrawal from the Grand Circus. In fact, two weeks later, in Spa, he left the door open to a possible return, once he has completed the objectives of the world champion in other championships.


“Now I think it’s goodbye, but life changes very quickly. It has taught me in the past that it can change in a couple of years or months,” he said at that Belgian Grand Prix. As the days go by and his future is defined in detail, it seems that the Asturian has no intention of returning.


“There are other very prestigious races, there are some that is an impossible goal because you need to be another life with those cars, with specific cars or circuits or series. Different philosophies and driving styles, and different talents are needed for each motorsport. There are some challenges in my mind for the next few years,” he says about the future.


“The Daytona 500 is a unique event, Pikes Peak, the Dakar, the Monte Carlo Rally. There are many things that I would like to do, but there are some that I have to admit that I don’t have the talent to do. I have a calendar of more than five races and that’s what I’m considering. It’s a very nice challenge, but I have to see if I can do it because I’m not Superman”, he admits.


Weekend in Russia: “We have to try to confirm our progress and check that the new parts we have released are going well. In Monza, we were experimenting with different aerodynamic configurations that worked and here we’ll do it again in the open air to see if we’re doing well.



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