Fernando Alonso said he had a new offer from Red Bull


Fernando Alonso said he had a new offer from Red Bull
F1 driver Fernando Alonso 21/06/2018 REUTERS/Jean-Paul Pelissier

The two-time world champion Fernando Alonso said he recused a Red Bull offer before announcing his start of Formula 1 at the end of the season.

McLaren’s driver told the network of TV Sky Sports on this fifth-feira that he had invited him after the Australian Daniel Ricciardo surpreted Red Bull when he decided to join Renault in 2019, instead of accepting a new contract.

“From one of the three main teams, I already have some offers this year”, says Alonso. Asked if he was the place of Red Bull and Ricciardo, he answered: “Yes”.

The Spanish commentaries seem to be in disagreement with Christian Horner, chef of Red Bull, who suggested, after Ricciardo’s decision, that Alonso was not under consideration.

“I have great respect for Fernando, he’s a great driver, a fantastic driver, but… he’s used to causing a little bit of chaos where he wants to be”, said Horner to the official podcast of Formula 1.

McLaren announced Alonso’s decision to settle in the category on August 14. The 37 year old driver, who won the world championship with Renault in 2005 and 2006, fictional without a contract in the season finale, but McLaren wanted him to win.

Red Bull will use Honda engines, former McLaren’s partner, next year, and Alonso was a critic of the Japanese brand during the period they worked together.

Separately phasing in the reports, Alonso again suggested that his approach may not be definitive. “Now I’m thinking it’s a debt, but my life is dumb very quickly,” she says.


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