Everything You Need to Know About Baseball Rules, History and Tips



If you understand the rules of baseball, this text will have nothing new for you. But if you do not understand anything at all, and you are curious, in just five minutes (really, we count them) you can learn the basic data.

1) Baseball is not a new sport that only Americans like. The rules and regulations of this game first appear (1796 in Germany and 1845 in North America) before football (it was in 1848). And it also generates passion in Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Holland and, even if you don’t believe it, in Japan.

2) In baseball, two teams face each other. The goal is to add more points than the other. Each team has nine turns (tickets) to achieve it. It plays without time.

3) What happens in an entry? 

One team throws and the other bats (the bat is the stick with which the ball is hit). The throwing team has to eliminate three batters to end the turn. The batter has to take advantage of his turn to score points.

4) How do you eliminate a batter? 

There are three ways through which a batter can be eliminated. These are as follows:

* The first is that there are three valid throws in which the batter fails to hit the ball (each of those shots is called “strike”).

How do you know if it is valid? 

Behind the batter there is a judge who determines it; To be valid, the ball has to pass through a certain space.

* The second way to eliminate a batter is that, when he hits the ball, one of the nine players on the field catches it before it hits the ground.

* The third way is that, after batting, the ball arrives before the batter at the base immediately after, or failing that someone touches the batter’s body with the ball. The bases are the four ends of the rhombus whose center is the pitcher.

5) How do you add a point?

When a batter touches the fourth and last base (“home”), which is where he started batting. Previously, you must have touched the three previous bases.

Once the batter hits the ball, he can run from base to base whenever he prefers, even when a teammate is hitting him or when the ball is in the hands of the pitcher. Always, of course, you must be careful not to be eliminated.

There cannot be more than one player on the same base.

When a pitcher makes four invalid shots, also called “balls,” and the batter did not attempt to hit, he can advance, without risk of being eliminated, to the next base.

Finally, if the batter hits the ball hard and manages to send it to the stands or outside the stadium, he (and all the batters in other bases) will free the field and automatically add one point each. That play is called “Home run.” In a Homerun, you can add up to four points.

6) There is no tie in the game.

7) There is no point limit. You can win 1-0 or 100-99.

8) Baseball is a slow sport. If you want to give it a try then communicate with your friends and call them to the ground.

Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar
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