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Everything You Need to Know About American Football


American Football Rules | Everything You Need to Know About American Football



American football is often associated with rugby because of the way the game is similar and relies on “full body contact”. The game American football was exhibited from rugby. Unlike rugby, not all American football players are allowed to run with the ball, and the main difference is the “forward pass”. A rugby game is identical to the backward pass, while American football goes with the forward pass from the attacking team.


Just like rugby and “football” commonly known to people, American football is played by 11 people with their respective positions and roles. In one American football team, there are 3 main units, namely the offensive unit, the defensive unit, and the special team.

Offensive units do their duties when the team in an attacking position, defensive units in charge when the team on the defensive and special teams do their duties when the position of kicking and punting.

Each person on the American football team usually has their own roles in each unit, but there can also be multiple roles (overlap) in different units. For example, a running back (RB) in an offensive unit can also act as a kick/punt returner in a special team.


American football is done with the attacking team getting 4 chances, called “downs” to advance the ball as far as 10 yards from the starting point of the game done. Moving the ball forward can be done by carrying the ball while running ( running ) or throwing the ball to the player who is moving forward (passing).

The game begins with a “snap” when the player “center” on the offensive line gives the ball through the gap of his feet to the regulator of the attack, usually called the quarterback (QB). QB plays the role of a playmaker in the game of American football.

Each ball can reach 10 yards or more through less than 3 downs, the attacking team gets a set of opportunities consisting of 4 more downs to advance the ball and the game starts again with a snap, this is called “first down”. The ball is declared when the throw is not caught (incomplete pass ), or the ball is taken off the field.

If after 4 downs the ball cannot pass 10 yards then the opportunity to attack is given to the defense team. In general games, when in the 3rd down position (third chance in 1 set first down) the ball has not crossed the 10 yard limit, the attacking team chooses to “punt”namely kicking the ball as far as possible on the fourth chance (4th down) so that the defense team starts attacking from the position as far away from their end-zone.

The game of American Football is done for 60 minutes divided into 4 rounds, 15 minutes each. After 2 rounds, the game is stopped for half-time breaks.

At the end of each round, the team attacks and defends swapping positions. In American football, there is no “injury time”.

If the match ends in a draw, there is extra time for 15 minutes (overtime) with a sudden death system like Crash Royale, if the score remains the same after the overtime time has ended, the match ends with a draw.

When printing a touchdown, the attacking team is allowed to score “extra points” by choosing to kick the ball into the goal and get 1 extra point or score a touchdown again and get 2 additional points. Extra points are in the form of 1 chance to score points after touchdown.

Touchdown system, Field goal, and extra point by kicking the ball into the goal the same as rugby. The difference is only when doing touchdowns in American football, the ball only needs to cross the line, it doesn’t need to touch the ground like in rugby.

Safety is worth 2 points for the defense team when the ball carrier from the attacking team is dropped in its own end-zone. The term safety can be associated with “own goal” in general soccer.

That’s the beginning of the introduction to American Football.

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