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Daniel Cormier Returns to Conan O’Brien After Breaking the ‘Conan Curse’


Daniel Cormier Returns to Conan O'Brien After Breaking the 'Conan Curse'


DC broke the curse!

After almost backing out of a scheduled appearance on the late-night show last month, Daniel Cormier admitted that he was fearful of his fate – a number of recent athletes that have appeared on the show have gone on to lose their fight. [UFC]

“Other people had warned you: don’t do the show,” O’Brien said.

“Yeah, they said ‘don’t do it,'” Cormier confirmed.

However, Last Saturday Daniel’s dominant win against Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, he revealed there was nor curse at all, Evidently displaying both his heavyweight and light heavyweight belts on O’Brien’s desk.