Concerned with Doping, What is the Punishment for Iannone?

Concerned with Doping, What is the Punishment for Iannone?


Andrea Iannone is being caught in a doping case. If it is proof positive, what punishment will be taken against him?

Last December, Iannone was declared to have failed the doping test after the race at the Malaysian MotoGP on November 3, 2019. It was found that a substance was banned in Iannone’s urine sample at that time.

The Iannone B sample was also recently stated positively although a small amount. The banned substance mentioned in the Iannone sample is drostanolone, which is commonly used for bodybuilding.

In his defense, Iannone’s lawyer, Antonio De Rensis, suspected that the substance entered Iannone’s body through contaminated meat consumed by the racer while in Asia. However, the former Ducati rider must prepare for a disciplinary hearing.

The results of the disciplinary hearing will be known within 45 days. If proven positive for doping, Iannone could be sentenced to four years.

Four years is the maximum sentence Iannone can get. However, the sentence could be reduced to two years if the entry of prohibited substances into the body occurs accidentally (for example mixed with other products).

The impact of illicit substances can also be a consideration, whether the effect on improving the performance of the rider. If the racer does not intend to cheat by doping, then the punishment given may be only a reprimand.

However, Iannone was still banned from engaging in racing competitions until the case was over. He is predicted to miss two preseason tests in February.

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