FORMULA 1British GP Held This Weekend, Its Data and Facts

British GP Held This Weekend, Its Data and Facts

British GP Held This Weekend, It's Data and Facts

Silverstone – Formula 1 UK GP Series will be held this weekend. Here are some data and facts related to the series that will be held at Silverstone Circuit.

The race will take place at Silverstone on Sunday (8/7/2018) with a total distance of 306,198 kilometers or 52 rounds.

Race Victory

– Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel each have won three wins this season. Daniel Ricciardo wins twice, while Max Verstappen wins.

– Hamilton collected 65 wins in 217 races throughout his career. The Mercedes driver was second in the winner’s all-time winner, losing only to Michael Schumacher (91). Meanwhile, Vettel just won 50 victories.

– Kimi Raikkonen has gone through 103 races since his last victory, which is in Australia in 2013.

– Since 1950, Ferrari has won 232 races, McLaren 182, Williams 114, Mercedes 79 and Red Bull 58. McLaren and Williams have never won the race since 2012.

Pole Position

– Hamilton earned 75 pole positions, most of all time. Vettel took pole position 54 times.

– At the age of 20, Max Verstappen has the chance to become the youngest pole position winner of the season. The record so far is still held Vettel, who won the Italian GP 2008 pole position at the age of 21 years 72 days.


– Hamilton has climbed the podium as much as 123 times throughout his career. The number of Hamilton podiums just lost to Schumacher (155). Vettel won 104 podiums, while Raikkonen 96.

– In nine series that have been held this season, Valtteri Bottas four times finish second. Verstappen climbed the podium four times in the last five races.


– Vettel currently leads F1 championship standings with 146 points, one point ahead of Hamilton.

– In the constructors’ standings, Ferrari is in the top spot with 247 points, 10 points ahead of Mercedes.

– Williams driver Sergey Sirotkin is the only driver who has not earned points this season.

British GP

– Hamilton will pursue his fifth successive victory in the British GP. If successful, he will become the first driver to win five consecutive English GPs.

– Mercedes won the last five British GPs. Nico Rosberg won the series before Hamilton won four times in a row.

– In the ranks of current F1 drivers, there are four people who have won at Silverstone, namely Hamilton (2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Fernando Alonso (2006, 2011), Vettel (2009), and Raikkonen (2007).


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