Basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro retires

Basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro retires
In the archive image, Juan Carlos Navarro (c) in a meeting between the Spanish basketball team and the Russian team at EuroBasket 2017, Istanbul.

Spanish basketball player Juan Carlos Navarro, nicknamed “La Bomba” (The Bomb), will be leaving the game at FC Barcelona, the club where he has spent most of his professional career and to which he will continue to be linked, the club said Friday.

“The’Bomba’ leaves behind a successful career of 20 years in the first Barcelona team that will now have continuity in a task that will be explained soon in a press conference that will offer the same player in the Barcelona facilities,” said the club in a statement on its website.

Navarro, 38, played for the Catalan club between 1997 and 2007, and after spending some time with the Memphis Grizzlies of the US NBA, returned to Barcelona in 2008 and stayed there until last season.

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