Arda Turan banned for 16 matches for pushing the assistant referee

Arda Turan banned for 16 matches for pushing the assistant referee
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Arda Turan is a very well known player in the Turkish National Team. Turan joined Istanbul Basakashihira from Barcelona. Turan has been banned 16 matches for the handful of the assistant referee. On 4th of May, the team of Turan was ahead by 1-0 in the match against Shivspora. But at the end of the match Basakashihira received a goal.


The draw was a great disappointment for the team in the tournament. In such situation a referee’s decision makes him wild. The attacking midfielder Turan pushed the referee by his hand. After the meeting of the Disciplinary Committee, The Federation of Football said in a statement in total 16 matches have been banned (Turan).


10 matches have been banned for pushing referee, 3 matches for insulting and more 3 matches have been banned for threat. Turkey’s press has said, “It is the highest ban in the country’s domestic football.” Raul Marileys and Engin Baitar were banned from 11 matches. Besides the sanctions it has also been fined 9,200 USD. Bashakshahi will play two matches in the league. But Turana is not getting two matches in the team. But next season he has to sit 14 matches outside the field.

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