FOOTBALLAncelotti's record makes Klopp tremble

Ancelotti’s record makes Klopp tremble

Ancelotti's record makes Klopp tremble


Juergen Klopp’s trembling feelings ahead of the FA Cup third-round match that brought Liverpool versus Everton at Anfield Stadium on Sunday (01/05/2020). This is not related to his crippled squad but Carlo Ancelotti’s presence at The Toffees which makes the club more dangerous.

Klopp and Ancelotti are known to have faced several times during their managerial careers, including in the Champions League group stage. During meeting 60-year-old Allenatore this season, Liverpool was only able to win one of their four meetings with Napoli.

Not only superior in the record meeting with Klopp alone. Ancelotti also has a slick record when dealing with Liverpool. Of the 12 matches against the Red, Ancelotti won seven wins, one draw, and four defeats while dealing with AC Milan, Chelsea, Real Madrid, and Naples.

Ancelotti had a 58% winning percentage when he met Liverpool. At Everton, Ancelotti also has a good report card by bringing his team won twice from the last three games in the Premier League since replacing Marco Silva.

So it’s not strange that Klopp felt shaky when Everton visited Anfield tonight. ‘Carlo who returned to the England match was very cool for the competition and even cooler for Everton. I’m not sure if I did one of us good by saying this, but in football terms, I really consider him a friend. The person who extraordinary and very generous in spirit and personality,’ Klopp said quoted by LiveScore.

‘Carlo has always instilled a humble attitude. The impact on Everton has been felt, we can see this from our analysis. He is smart in understanding the positivity of the approach injected by Duncan Ferguson,’ continued Klopp.

In other words, Everton has always been difficult opponents for Liverpool. Especially with the presence of Klopp in their coaching chair.

‘Under Carlo, with his experience, I think Everton is becoming increasingly dangerous. But to be honest, I like this. I think this adds to the opportunity. My players have the same desires and beliefs as this game. We want to win it with all that we have,’ concluded Klopp.


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