NEWSAlastair Cook Is As a Silent Killer

Alastair Cook Is As a Silent Killer

Alastair Cook Is As a Silent Killer

Alastair Cook is not only a name but also an inspiration for England cricket as well as world cricket, who has broken many world records in his career.

Nagpur to Oval, he has shown his glimpse to the whole world. He has played only 289 innings in the test for England where he scores more twelve and a half thousand run with 32 centuries which is the highest run of England history in the test, highest run scorer as a left arm batsman as well.

He keeps the congruency as starting, who has brought up hundred (147) in second innings in the last match in his career even he scored 71 runs in first innings.

When he comes to bat in second innings, most of the spectators have been waiting for the thriller and finally, Cook gives the romance by scoring hundred.

Playing the short third man, he wants to take a single run but there comes over five runs in the overthrow and gets the last test hundred that the claps have started in Oval. Cook, who turned to answer to the whole Oval’s salutes with a shy smile.

Cook has overtaken Kumara Sangakkara (12400) in the list of highest scores before the hundred. Cook was the fifth batsman who could score a hundred in his first and last test. Before that, the feat was another four legends in cricket.


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