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3,000 Argentine supporters will not be allowed to visit Russia


3,000 Argentine supporters will not be allowed to visit Russia
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34 days left for the World Cup to begin. Different leagues almost the end. Footballers are making preparations to the World Cup and Several football federations also have been completed their preparations. Argentina now banning 3,000 supporters who are likely to rumble in the World Cup.


The Argentine Football Federation announced that they are making an agreement with the Russian authorities to prevent a certain supporter named Bara Bravas. The Argentine Football Federation has told Reuters that the two countries will formally sign an agreement with the country.


Federer’s Security Department’s director Giorno Madero confirmed that 400 Argentine names already submitted to Russia they cannot be allowed to enter the stadium, and we think more than of three thousand names will enter here.


The Barra Brava group is notorious for Argentina’s local football. Because after a few days they make crux in local football. Many of them have been banned from local football stadiums. The Argentine Football Federation has taken the first step to ensuring that they do not interfere in Russia.


Apart from allowing them to enter the field, the federation wants to prevent them from going to Russia. So for this reason, the information of these three thousand visitors will be given to various airlines and the Russian Immigration Office. Besides fan IDs created for the World Cup will be used to stop them. In addition, six security officials are being sent to Russia to ensure that other supporters outside the list do not get involved in any kind of violence.


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